Building Strong Loving Families
and Churches Around the World

I see families and pastors struggling,

who need help or lack the training to meet these needs in their families and churches.

I train, mentor, and empower pastors, families, and leaders in 30 countries to foster Christ-like families, churches,

and communities!

Mobilizing global leaders to foster Christ-like families, churches, and communities

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My goal is to engage and encourage pastors and leaders through training workshops (virtual or in person), one-on-one discipleship and video classes.
Then these leaders will train others in their areas to multiply leaders who mulitiply others.


The purpose of family coaching is to strengthen and empower individual and family wellbeing.

I bring an educational component to strengthen individuals, couples, and doing family life together.


I work with pastors and churches by teaching pastoral counseling, family and couples education and training them in Triage Pastoral Counseling so they can help their members, staff and communities.

God is blessing this ministry..........

God has been blessing this ministry over the past few months in the following:

Leadership Training: Through the Great Commission Academy, I am training and mentoring pastors and leaders in 23 countries over 5 continents!  These pastors and leaders oversee 2,000+ churches who impact thousands of Christians and hundreds of new believers in Christ! Currently I'm mentoring a young minister in India each week, who then mentors over 50 other young adults weekly.

Family Essentials has started projects in Florida and Colorado helping to lead Fatherhood Classes, Couples Communication and Parenting classes through Zoom sessions.

Pastoral Counseling: I'm currently counseling pastors, couples and families by providing Zoom and in-person sessions.

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