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Richard & Laurie Godsil

Great Commission Alliance Pastoral Care Coordinator

Pastoral Counselor & Family Coach

What About Richard

I'm Richard and I know how to empower families and pastors with tools to build stronger, loving families and churches.

I love helping parents, families, pastors and churches to build loving families and communities in Christ.

Laurie and I have been married for over 50 years, raised three children and were Youth Pastors for most of those years.


Our marriage and ministry life allowed us to come alongside of people and churches to encourage and train families and churches to build solid, loving and caring families. 

My Story

I grew up in a military family as my Dad was a Marine and we moved around the country over 20 times.  I attended 12 schools before I graduated high school.

I learned early on how to make new friends and adapt to new surroundings.


I met my wife Laurie, while we both attended the same high school. I asked her to marry me before graduation and we married that summer prior to me leaving for basic training.  The following year we became parents at the age of 19. 


We were thousands of miles away from our families, feeling alone and unprepared for being parents.  This created such a passion for us to be there for couples, parents and youth during our adult lives.

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The Journey Began

Our journey began while I was finishing up my enlistment in the Air Force.  Laurie and I had become very involved with our church in teaching children and helping with the youth group.  We moved to another city after my graduation from a community college and continued volunteering with the new church in children's and youth ministry.  One of the pastors (Paul Learned) encouraged me to complete my college education in youth ministry as he believed I was called to be a minister.  Laurie and I prayed about this and believed that this was a Calling from the Lord.  So we quit our jobs, sold the house and moved over 1,000 miles away to finish my college degree at Oklahoma Christian University.

After completing my degree we began serving churches on staff in Kansas, California, Arizona and Colorado.  We raised our children while being their youth minister, parent and sports team coach.  The more we lived out our lives, the more God provided opportunities to share about parenting, marriage and Jesus.

In 1997 I finished my Master's degree from Friends University in Family Development and Education so I could impact families, parents, couples and churches in building stronger, loving families.

In 2009, I published a small group book entitled, "Building a Strong and Loving Family" to help churches and small groups with strengthening families.


A New Chapter.....

In 2010, our local County Health & Human Services was hiring Fatherhood Coaches.  I applied and was hired.  I attended training and certification to be a Fatherhood Coach and Trainer.  I spent the next four years coaching and teaching fathers and couples in four counties.  I also started a non-profit organization Common Ground Montrose, which lead me to be asked to start a Homeless Coalition; Kids Aid Montrose (feeding over 250 children six meals on weekends); and speaking in local high schools on suicide prevention, self-harm and setting goals for their future.

While this was going on, the Colorado Governor's office asked if I would be willing to become a member of the Governor's Clergy Council.  I joined and met with the Governor a few times a year to pray and discuss his ideas on helping the people of Colorado.  Over the next four years, the Council helped homeless families with One Congregation, One Family; Coming Home Colorado which helped house over 1,000 homeless Veterans and helping to feed hungry children across the state.

When this all came to an end in 2018, Laurie and I headed to Florida to spend time with our youngest grandchildren.  Eventually I became a Clinical Counselor with Children's Home Society of Florida working with foster children and adults with trauma, depression or Postpartum depression.

A Dream Ministry...

God allowed me 45 years of ministry with youth, families and leaders. I asked God "now what?" - with all of the training, education, speaking, counseling and experiences - does it all go away because of my age?

God opened my eyes and my heart to see how I could still help pastors, families and churches who need someone who has experienced the joys and sorrows of ministry and the training and knowledge of ministering to their needs.

Working with the Great Commission Alliance Organization allows me to train, disciple, encourage, and empower youth, pastors, families, leaders and communities worldwide!

My specialty is in coaching families and discipling pastors to be unique servant leaders for the Kingdom, by providing them with tools and the resources to strengthen their families and churches that will allow them to work within their communities on a deeper level,

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