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Richard provides training for individuals, churches and ministries so they can use the following seminars to help their church families and as outreach into their communites.


Seminars & Training

The purpose of having a family coach is to strengthen

and empower individual and family wellbeing.

Even professional athletes have coaches - why don't you!

Family Coaching will help you to acquire an understanding of:

communication processes; parenting and marriage skills; fatherhood coaching

and helping to “build a strong and loving family”.

Happy Couple Hugging
Young Family

Couples Communication

Marriage & Parenting Skills

Father and Son


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Understanding Needs In The Youth

Couples Communication

We were created to be intimate.



Healthy Habits for Loving Relationships

We will help you to build skills in: self-worth,  empathy, healthy conflict resolution, understanding intimacy and enhanced communication.


Discover Your Love Language

You will take the 5 Love Languages® official assessment which will explain your primary love language, what it means, and how you can use it to connect to others.


Please Understand Me

We are different for a reason, and that reason is probably more good than bad.
Understanding yourself will help you in your relationships, marriage, in the workplace and with your children.

Happy Couple Hugging
Young Family

Marriage & Parenting Skills

Ask any couple what they want most for the future and “a strong relationship & happy family” almost always ranks at the top.



Building a Strong and Loving Family

Just as in building a house or fine handcrafted furniture,

it takes time, effort and knowledge.

In these six interactive sessions, you will laugh, share and find insight in becoming a healthier family and happier in your relationships.


Marriage & Parenting

 The Marriage & Parenting program teaches parents how to turn challenges into opportunities…to change, to grow and to share a life that is more than just imagined.


Help! I Live With A Teenager

A funny but insightful seminar on surviving the teen years.
Richard has worked with teens and their parents for over 40 years besides parenting his own so he will share on how to survive and have young adults in the future.


Even professional players need a coach!



Becoming The Father I Want To Be

We tend to parent the way we were parented.

Since parenting is a learned behavior, it can be relearned.
Learning about affirmation, discipline, playtime and fatherhood goals will help you to become the father

you want to be.

Healing The Father Wound

Since none of us had all of our childhood needs

met by our father, we often carry a “wound”.

It is that hurt or unhealed part of us that presents

a barrier to being the nurturing father that we want to be with our children.

A Personal Father Coach

Being a great dad is a challenge, and we all need a little help sometimes.
Just as sports teams and players have coaches

to challenge and encourage them. Dads need someone who believes in them and will be there.
Richard is a Fatherhood Coach and he will come alongside you to answer your questions, concerns

and help to empower you.

Father and Daughter with Sparkler


Understanding Needs In The Youth

Friends at School




Over 15% of high school students were electronically bullied in the past year.

This trend effects more than just words – lives and relationships are ruined, and sometimes leads to death. 
Knowing what to do and how to cope with bullies is what is presented.

It’s Depressing…..

20% of teens will deal with some form of depression before adulthood, while one out of every twelve young people in

our nation attempted suicide in the previous 12 months!  

What to look for and how to help each other and themselves is presented.

Get Grounded!

Your personality and attitude affects your  relationships, school work and dreams. 
Understanding how your personality works will help you to follow your dreams.

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