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"84% of pastors desire to have a close fellowship with someone

they can trust and confide with." 

Richard's Family Essentials Ministry provides confidential counseling

for Pastors, their spouses and family members.

What is Pastor2Pastor?

Doing ministry is very demanding no matter the size of the congregation.  Your time is not yours as the members, leadership and family seek you out constantly even when you are tired, exhausted, and confused.

You are not alone!

The following statistics show how ministry is affecting pastors:

  • 23% have been fired or pressured to resign at least once in their careers.

  • 25% don’t know where to turn when they have family or personal conflict issues.

  • 25% of pastors’ spouses see their work schedule as a source of conflict.

Bible Lessons

​Pastor2Pastor is a ministry that comes alongside of you to listen, encourage, and help you in your journey.  All conversations are held in confidentiality as with all counseling sessions.

Pastor2Pastor are ministers/counselors who have been through many of the above statistics and have come through the fire to continue their path.  They are here to help you, your spouse and family to deal with the struggles or doubts you are facing.

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